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5 Ways to encourage people to give more

  Posted by: Admin on 30th August 2020 23:54:44.

When we are faced with overwhelming disasters, or tragic events, we will find that generosity of people we don't know coming to our aid and assistance.

If a large number of people need help we may also find ourselves in a position asking ourselves, "What can I do", or "I feel helpless, there is nothing I can do", which leads to a phenomenon known as compassion collapse (or fade), which makes us less likely to be generous and offer assistance, because we may feel, ‘there are already enough people helping, they have it covered'.

There are studies which suggest ways of overcoming our tendency to limit our generosity. Here are 5 evidence-based methods for encouraging people to give more to charity.

Focus on single people
Visualise yourself giving to one person, rather than a group of people. It's called the "identifiable victim effect" If you put a name and a face to a victim then you can develop a more emotional connection to that person and their suffering, rather than an anonymous  group of victims. This is how some charities trying to help thousands of people, highlight how a potential donor could make a difference to a specific person. We can all make a difference by helping someone.

Help, by allowing people express their emotions, rather than repress them
Studies suggest that we are less likely to help groups of people because people find the needs of larger groups to be emotionally overwhelming. Sharing our experiences and opening up our heart to others allows them to do the same. Suffering and tragic events are not pinpointed at anyone in particular. We can all fall victim to unforeseen circumstances. Let's be there for each other, cause we never know when we may need the help of our neighbour.

Tie giving to a sense of identity and purpose
"People are more willing to give when they see generosity as part of who they are”" Dr. Summer Allen
A study found that when people gave away something that represented their essence, such as a signature, personal possession, or blood donation, they were more committed to helping the cause in the future compared to people who gave something less personal.

Ask people to pay later (and thank them right away)
Allowing people time between when you ask them to donate and when they actually part with their money might help convince reluctant donors to say "yes.”. Researchers speculate that this was because the donors received the immediate positive reward of deciding to help the charity, but the pain of actually paying the money was delayed and thus discounted. Allowing people to cancel at anytime also made them less likely to reverse their decision to give.

Describe the Impact of the gift
I know when I give blood, and receive an email from the donor clinic letting me know I just saved 3 lives, the gratification is overwhelming. Just to know that I saved lives, I actually look forward to going back and giving more blood. More information about where charity money will go also makes people happier about their decision to give. A study shows that donations are increased when the participants' know their generosity has an impact on a particular problem. It has a huge impact on you when you see that your contribution bought the bed for that child you are supporting in Africa.
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