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Importance of Charity in Our Society

  Posted by: Admin on 20th August 2020 09:48:05.

Giving to charity or a not-for-profit organisation is an act of kindness and a genuine/generous offering of support, compassion, and extended love to those causes that are going through economic and personal hardship, or humanitarian and environmental crises. Giving to charity is a selfless contribution or donation that is made from the heart, to those causes that have gone through extreme despair, ruin, famine, or grief and are lacking the support or resources to get through those hard times. 

Unexpected circumstances beyond our control can hit us at any time, and we can all fall prey to events where we cannot sustain a normal life under normal conditions which most of us are privileged to. 

That act of giving, not only through financial assistance, but physical and psychological support to these causes is one of the most soulfully fulfilling journeys, to know that we can all make a difference and lend an extended hand to our fellow brothers and sisters, the planets wildlife and mother earth herself gives me hope that nomatter what we go through we know there will be someone there to help. 

An essential part of a charitable organisation is making the community aware of ways they can help and contribute, to offer easy methods to donate, to inform and educate, and hold accountable in some cases the reasons why, and how we can eliminate or reduce the detrimental impact our actions or actions of others have that lead to these situations where something becomes a charitable cause. We only work off our best knowledge, and we sometimes get caught up in the safe haven of a stable job, close family and friends, a roof over our head and food on the table, that perhaps unintentionally we can fall prey to turning a blind eye to some less fortunate than us, and would just like to have what we have. All we have to do is give some of that back, and charities are the platform where we can do that.  

Charity is about Giving! It's about giving back, a way of showing our appreciation and value for all life. It's about our humanitarian journey to stick together, and be there for each other in times of need, to pick ourselves up, for each and every one of us goes through troubles, immense despair, trials and tribulations. It's a spiritual awakening to realise we are all in this together, that we are part of a common purpose to survive and keep intact that zest for life with courtesy and grace, with a shoulder to lean on, a piece of bread to feed on, a warm hug to rely on. We are All in the this Together! 
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