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Top 5 Reasons to Give to a Charity

  Posted by: Admin on 30th July 2020 10:02:12.

Giving to charity can have a lot of benefits, not just for the charity but also for one who is giving. It is one of those selfless acts which provides a win-win scenario for everyone involved. This may seem like a contradiction, as if you are the one giving, does that not mean you are sacrificing something such as money or time? The truth is, when you give, you receive. Let’s go through the top 5 things that you get out of giving to a charity.

1. It makes you happy.

This may seem like a trivial thing to say, but do not let its simplicity fool you. Giving selflessly does indeed give you a good feeling. In fact, scientific studies suggest that a chemical is actually released in your brain when you do something good. But it is not just a chemical reaction, it is much more than that. We intuitively like doing good because humans are good by nature. Knowing that you are helping someone is empowering, it will always make you feel better. So next time your sad, give selflessly and wave goodbye to those bad feelings.

2. Strengthens your personal values.

Social and personal values build our character and personality. Feeling like you have a social duty to help those less fortunate than yourself is part of what makes up those personal values. This recognition of the responsibility to help the weak, is rooted in our Western Civilization. When we take action on this responsibility, we grow and strengthen that value so that we are stronger in this conviction and can easily continue to do so.

3. More than ever, it creates a strong force for positive change.

There have been many legislative changes in the way charities are governed and assisted by the government. Charities now receive tax exemptions so that they can hold onto more of the donations we give, meaning more of it is passed onto their projects. There are also regulating bodies such as the ACNC, to ensure charities are doing exactly what they set out to do, again meaning more of your money is going to where it is needed. Your donations make a bigger impact for positive change today than in any other point in history.

4. Teaches children the importance of generosity.

Children naturally have an innate desire to help and share, a desire which can quickly grow into a flame when they are given great examples by their parents and older family members. Showing children how to give to charities will inspire in them the belief that they can make a positive difference in the world. This belief will encourage them to be generous and appreciate what they have, throughout their entire lives.

5. Encourages those around you to also give.

Through being an example to those around you, you can inspire people to give and help improve the world around them. It can even inspire a group effort to give to a charity which you all share a common appreciation for. Group and family giving activities will strengthen your relationships, build strong bonds and help foster a positive social environment. If you can inspire others around you to join in a collaborative effort to give, everyone can make an even bigger positive impact on the world.

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