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Currently building the World's Largest Mosaic to raise funds and support good causes and organisations.


Future networking platform for member organisations so that they are in the right place, all the time.


Helping charities to do what they do best, with additional funding, reduced expenses and more volunteers.

Help us build

The World's Largest Mosaic

All in support of charities and community organisations around the world.
Simply upload your favourite photo and it will become part of our record breaking mosaic. Our aim it to keep it online for at least 100 years. Your grandchildren will be proud of you for being right there at the beginning when Endless Love started changing the world for the better.

It's all about Love

Driven by love and compassion, Endless Love strives to give help to where help is needed.

We believe in transparency, inclusivity, and empathy. Transparency to show what we are doing, inclusivity because we all can make a difference, and empathy which draws us together. 

It's time to love.

CEO & Founder

Burkhard Geiger

Endless Love is all about creating a future of positivity and happiness, with a vision to help where help is needed and spreading happiness to a world in need of joy.


Our Blog Headlines 

Charity is the act of extending love and kindness to others unconditionally, which is a conscious act but the decision is made by the heart, without expecting a reward. When Charity is carried out selflessly, it is a one-way act where a person gives....
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Many of us have heard of WWF and can easily recognize that cute panda logo. But where did it start, why and what do they do? Here is a brief history of the largest and most influential independent conservation organisation in the world....
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Giving to charity can have a lot of benefits, not just for the charity but also for one who is giving. It is one of those selfless acts which provides a win-win scenario for everyone involved. This may seem like a contradiction, as if you are the one giving, does that not me...
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Many of us give to multiple charities, but where does your money go? How can we be sure that it's getting to the beneficiaries claimed by the charity? Most of us are aware that charities give a percentage of their donations to the charitable causes they are pursuing, but how can...
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You too can get involved

We envisage a world that simply does more to support people, animals, and the environment. We all need to do better.

Making a lasting impact on a global scale requires volunteers as we can't do this alone. If you're a media guru, presenter extraordinaire, or simply have an eagerness to share our message of love, then we want you!


Let's cultivate the endangered and support the abandoned.


Let's connect, inspire, and grow to bring aide across the globe.


Let's make lasting, positive change.

Inclusion Policy


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PO Box 88 Virginia BC 4014 Australia 

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